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Will my vehicle be insured?
Yes. All carriers within our network are fully insured and meet State and Federal DOT regulations. Typically, open transports come with $100,000-$350,000 worth of cargo insurance. Enclosed transports generally carry $500,000+.

How soon can you pick up my vehicle?

Typically in 1-3 days, starting on the “first available” pick up day.

How long does the transport take?

Delivery time is affected by weather, traffic, and route. General Estimates are:

East Coast to West Coast: 7-10 days

North to South: 3-5 days

How far in advance should I schedule my transport?

5-7 days before your desired pick up date.

Can I schedule a specific pick up or delivery time?

Please let us know in advance and we will try our best to accommodate your schedule. Carriers work on a general window for pickup and delivery, so promising specific times is difficult.

What if I cancel my order before you find a carrier?

You will not be charged anything. Just send us an email or give us a call and we’ll take care of the rest.

What if my vehicle is assigned to a carrier and then I decide to cancel?

This is the only time that we cannot offer you a full refund. In this situation, you would be refunded any amount you paid less the deposit.

Can I put belongings in my vehicle?

Yes. You’re allowed up to 100 lbs of items in your vehicle. Any belongings you put in the car are not covered by the carriers’ insurance policy. Absolutely no firearms, weapons, illegal substances or contraband is to be put in the vehicle. Trucks are subject to search at every state line. Weight it very important for the carriers as they go through weigh stations throughout the transport. They will be cited if they’re over their allotted weight limit. It is very important that your car be a light as possible – limit any items you put inside your car and keep the gas level at approximately ¼ tank.

 Are some vehicles harder to transport than others?

Yes, in some cases there are more vehicles in an area than there are transporters. Less-traveled routes typically are more difficult to ship into/out of. Other variables like size, weight, and pickup/delivery flexibility can affect your transport.

Do I have to be present to sign for my vehicle for pickup and delivery?

No, you may elect to have someone sign for and inspect the vehicle on your behalf. Make sure they’re aware they will be inspecting your car and paying the driver on delivery.

What if there is damage to my vehicle upon delivery?

Any damage must be noted on the Bill of Lading and you and the driver must sign the form acknowledging the damage. Take pictures if possible and describe the damage in detail. Notify us immediately and we will assist you in filing a claim with the carrier’s insurance company. We cannot file the claim for you.

Can you give me proof of insurance?

Yes. Send us an email and we can get you a copy of the carrier’s insurance.

Will my vehicle be on multiple trucks?

No. The truck that picks up your car will be the same truck that delivers it. The only exception to this is urban areas where large trucks cannot access due to city restrictions or codes, low tree lines, inaccessible roads, etc. A smaller truck is sent to do the pickup and then loaded on the large truck to take it cross country.

Why should I use a broker?

A broker has many contacts within the transport industry, which gives them the ability to schedule a transport based on specific customer needs. When dealing with a carrier, you are limited to their routes, number of trucks, and their schedules.  Working with a broker gives you the ability to have the transport based on your schedule and the details you require.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Horizon accepts all major credit cards. The carrier’s fee must be cash or certified check (money order, cashier’s check, bank check). No personal or company checks will be accepted.