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A Simple Walk-through Of The Transport Process

Car Carrier

1. Get an Instant Quote

Get a quote instantly so you can review the price of your transport. If you prefer to speak to someone directly, please call 407-461-4133 to discuss your transport.

2. Book Your Transport

You can book directly online from the quote that is sent to you or call in and give us the necessary information to get started. There is no money exchanged at this point.

3. Carrier Assigned

Once we find a carrier that fits your schedule we’ll reach out and give you the details. We’ll continue with automatic updates throughout the transport process to make sure you’re notified of any changes.

4. Vehicle Pick Up

The driver will arrange a time to pick up from the contact person prior to arriving. There will be an inspection done on the car acknowledging the current condition of the vehicle. A bill of lading will be signed by the driver and pick up contact to document the transaction.

5. Vehicle Delivery

The driver will again arrange a time to drop off to the designated person at the drop location. There will be a final inspection done to ensure the vehicle is in the same condition as it was at its pick up location. If there is a balance due, it is paid directly to the driver.