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Transport Services


Horizon Auto Transport provides a variety of services including Domestic Car Shipping, Open-Carrier Shipping, and Enclosed Shipping.

Open Carrier Auto Transport

Open carrier transport is the most common type of transport in the industry. If you’ve ever seen a carrier on the highway carrying a load of vehicles, that’s the type carrier you’ll be on. Open carriers are the most cost-effective way of shipping and are always fully-insured, door to door service.

Enclosed Car Shipping

An enclosed transport protects your vehicle against all the elements that open transport is exposed to. This is the preferred method for high dollar vehicles to be transported. With enclosed shipping you can expect $100,000 of cargo insurance to be protecting your vehicle while in transit.

Overseas Shipping

If you’re shipping to a different country, first we need to find the closest port of entry. Our network of shipping professionals can get you to/from any port in the world. We even have contacts to ship open/enclosed to an exact location if the port is not your final destination. Contact us directly if you have specific requirements for an international run.

Hawaii Auto Transport

Shipping to Hawaii is actually quite simple. We team up with the major steamship liners that run to all the islands and can get you in/out of all the major ports with direct service to the island of your choice.

Alaska Auto Transport

Shipping to Alaska is also quite simple. We team up with the major steamship liners that run to Anchorage, Eagle River, and Fairbanks. We can get you in/out of all the major cities with direct service to the port or land address of your choice.

Seasonal Relocation

During ‘snowbird’ season the amount of vehicles that are finding warmer weather increases dramatically. However there is still the same amount of trucks that are running these routes. We have a dedicated network that knows we will have an increase in shipments during specific times of the year and expect more business from us during those times. Don’t get caught trying to book something a few days before your pick up.

Oversized Shipping

Do you have a big piece of equipment or an over-sized vehicle that will require a step-deck or a low-boy trailer? No problem!  All we need are the dimensions of what you’re looking to ship and we’ll find the right trailer for the job.  Please call us direct at 407-461-4133 so we can get the necessary information to get you a quote.